Warm Dog Puppy Sweater

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Keep your dog warm and comfy with these extremely cute puppy sweaters! Make sure your dog looks good while staying comfortable no matter where you take him/her. You'll love the way it looks, and your best friend will love the way it feels.

Details: This cotton blend puppy sweater is a great piece of clothing for any dog. With our large variety of colors, you'll definitely find one you absolutely love. The best way to dress your dog in quality, style, and comfort.

Size: Intended for small dogs/puppies. See size chart below.

Size          Back               Neck               Bust             Suitable For
 XS     5.91"/15CM    7.87"/20CM    10.24"/26CM    For pets 2-3kg 
  S      7.09"/18CM    9.45"/24CM    11.81"/30CM     For pets 2-3kg   
  M     9.06"/23CM    11.02"/28CM   13.39"/34CM    For pets 4kg 
  L      11.02"/28CM  12.60"/32CM   16.54"/42CM    For pets 6kg
 XL    12.99"/33CM  14.96"/38CM   18.11"/46CM     For pets 9kg 
XXL   14.96"/38CM  16.54"/42CM   20.47"/52CM    For pets 12kg
Due to extremely high demand, please allow 2-5 weeks for shipping after processing has taken place.